Hello! I am >Lena<

In 2015, I started my passion to design and create unusual and creative bags by hand. Thus, the pocket brand "Lena" was born as a hobby in the initial phase in my living rooms.


Every single  »Lena« bag begins with a white sheet of paper and an idea. The favorite food, hearty pets or simply exceptional animals serve as inspiration. After some designs and trials, the "Lena" is made of leatherette or real leather. In doing so, I approach every detail with love and care.



All >Lena bags< are upcycling products to protect the enviroment, made of leather and imitation leather. This sustainable leather and imitation leather are the blend of leather and furniture producers who would find no use for it.


The colorful interior pattern is carefully matched for every single bag, and every "Lena" is a personal unicum - the eye-catcher for every outfit.